From Attitude to Adulthood

Teenagers Transform Before Our Eyes Into A Focused, Goal Oriented Champion With Teenage Martial Arts Classes

Teens make up the future generation that will eventually carry on our legacies. But with mood swings, attitude, anxiety, cell phone addiction, rebellious tendencies, and emotional outbursts, that bright and promising future can seem hard to imagine. But with the right training and support, a disciplined mentality is only a few sessions away.

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Does Your Teen Struggle With:

  • Emotional outbursts and unpredictable mood swings that get in the way of having quality conversations.
  • Peer pressure that leads to questionable choices in friends, poor decision making, and lack of proper judgement.
  • Academic pressure and stress that causes anxiety.
  • Symptoms of anxiety or even depression including laziness, closed doors, and sleeping until the afternoon.
  • Low self esteem and a concerning addiction to social media, cell phones, or gaming.
  • Not getting enough exercise and unhealthy eating.

It Can Get Unbearable At Times

We Understand How Difficult Raising A Teenager Can Be

After many years of training teens, hearing the challenges other parents face, and raising children of our own; we understand wholeheartedly that dealing with teens can be quite difficult at times. We all want so much for developing children but it’s often hard to get through to the ones we care for the most.

We’ve met so many families that wanted to shape their teen into amazing leaders but just faced so much resistance. Between hormones, negative influences, and the busyness of everyday life, raising a teen can seem impossible. That said, there’s no reason to go at it alone.

Parents often turn to us as an unexpected solution to a common problem. Many even consider extreme options such as boot camps and discipline programs before finding us. That said, helping parents avoid measures like this is something we’re quite proud of.

Martial Arts tends to have a profound impact on the character of young adults. It instills traits such as discipline, respect, and self love which are crucial in this period of growth. We take pride in helping our students align with a sense of purpose and often stay invested in a teen’s life, long after graduation, college, and sometimes far into adulthood. Trust that we are by your side throughout your child’s development.

An Impact Or Your Money Back

Our sessions emphasize essential character traits like confidence, humility, honor, respect, determination, and discipline. We stress the importance of self love and show students how great living a healthy active lifestyle can feel.

Put simply, if you don’t notice an extreme positive impact in your teen’s demeanor and values after a few weeks of consistent training, we’ll issue you a full refund. That’s how confident we are in our ability to transform a life.

What People Say

A Crash Course In Goal Setting

With adulthood around the corner, it amazes us that schools don’t really focus on the importance of setting goals and working towards achieving the incredible things teen’s look forward to.

Whether it’s choosing a target college, getting a certain score on a big test, or ultimately deciding on a major and career path; goal setting is crucial in the years to come.

Through a culture of setting expectations and putting all energy into reaching the next level in training, we show teens how rewarding accomplishing goals can be. With a little encouragement, this same energy transfers over to all aspects of life as the student learns that anything is possible.

Foster Respect, Honor, And Discipline

Most teens struggle with respecting parents and teachers and naturally rebel against authority.

Our instructors stress the value of respect from day one and show teens that discipline and honor is a guaranteed, time tested path to success.

We often hear from parents that this alone is the foundation of a transformation.

Replace Unhealthy Habits With A Rewarding Activity

It’s bad enough that most teens spend weekends sleeping until the afternoon, but to make matters worse these days teens have no reason to ever leave the house!

With social media, cell phones, and video games taking up the majority of free time, teens just aren’t getting the exercise they need to develop.

Martial arts offers teens an exciting, social, environment where they can make quality friendships and get the exercise they need to stay in shape.

Self Love Conquers Peer Pressure

Social lives for young adults can be quite difficult. With teens still figuring out their interests and overall place in the world, choosing the right path is easier said than done. This often leads to peer pressure as they try their hardest to be accepted by the crowd.

Martial arts instills a powerful sense of self love and confidence that eliminates anxiety and the need for validation from others. We show teens that everything they desire is already contained inside of them which sets them free from negative influences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only are respect and discipline values we heavily emphasize in our curriculum, we also teach students to seek and appreciate the wisdom of elders so they never take parents or teachers for granted again.

Martial arts has been impacting people of all ages for generations. Its focus on mindset and energy is truly transformational and we’ve seen incredible results at our school time and time again. This may sound overly confident but we’re certain we’ll get through to your teen. And if for some reason your family decides not to continue with the trial we’ll issue you a full refund.
Definitely. Not only are we teaching character traits to our students, the fast paced nature of sessions teaches teens to make crucial decisions faster. Your teen will live in the present and use these decision making skills in all aspects of life.
We can’t guarantee that everyone will make a commitment and stick to it, but we know with absolute certainty that the students that give it a fair chance tend to benefit greatly. Our team encourages students to stay persistent and determined to achieve their goals and we kindly ask parents to help motivate teens to keep going. However, you’re always welcome to cancel during the trial period for a full refund.

Yes, in fact we encourage it! Having a friend going through training by your side is often exactly the motivational force needed to get you to the next level! Reinforce your relationship with a shared experience and meet new people together too!

Martial Arts is often depicted as a violent activity but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The mindset behind martial arts involves harmony, peace, tranquility, and connection to the body. The majority of training circles around movement and energy. We teach teens how to talk through conflicts and handle situations. However, if an unavoidable violent situation arises in their life, they now have the tools to fend off the attack and safely escape the situation.
Yes! We structure sessions to benefit all students regardless of size, stature, strength, or ability. In fact, by using an opponent’s energy against them, a person on the smaller size can finally feel certain in their ability to protect themselves.